Abacus is the ability to compute mathematical calculations with only the use of the brain. When achieved, an individual can do this without the help of calculators, computers or paper and pen. Many parents have sought Seattle tutoring programs for their children and found our programs to deliver highly effective and measurable results.

How Does the Abacus Benefit a Person?

There are numerous reasons why being able to perform mental calculations can benefit a child. Among the many important reasons, one of the most beneficial is that mental calculations is an excellent method of stimulating a child’s mind. In addition to stimulating the mind, a person adopts a better sense of how numbers interact and are used. Math builds upon itself, every stage prepares a student for the next stage.
Being able to grasp the concept and importance of numbers at an early age will benefit a person at each stage of life. Not being able to add or subtract without the aid of a calculator can also reflect poorly on a person. Society is constructed in such a way that intelligent people, even those who are perceived as smart, have a greater range of available opportunities in life. These opportunities range from attending specific colleges to careers, higher self-esteem, and happier social lives. These are real-world outcomes.

Abacus Training at Brain Child Learning Center

Brain Child Learning Center specializes in Abacus through the abacus method. Students, even at a very young age, can be taught to perform calculations by manipulating the beads on an abacus. An abacus is considered to be one of the fastest ways in the world to calculate large numbers. Once a student’s skills are developed to a certain level, they take the next step of performing complex calculations by mentally visualizing an abacus.

Abacus encourages children to understand math, not just memorize it. Students are required to think about math and use analytical skills, both of which can be reinforced through our programs. Abacus is also fun for children. It makes math easier to understand, easier to do, and all around exciting. Students are energized from being able to master complex calculations.

Abacus is our skills program instructing students on how to use an abacus. The abacus technique is widespread in many parts of Asia. The class is 50 minutes long and structured so that students can learn to focus their minds and enjoy mathematics. Included in the program are addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, division, square roots, algebra and other math concepts. With any special skills, students are required to practice using an abacus everyday to be able to master and advance forward.

Brain Child Learning Center employs some of the most qualified professional tutors in Seattle. For the best in Seattle tutoring, contact us today.

Tuition Rates at the Brain Child Learning Center

Abacus is available for children as young as three. All age levels are accepted for the program. If you are looking for effective tutors in Seattle that can help prepare your child for future academics success, the Brain Child Learning Center offers the very best in Seattle tutoring.

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