Writing program offered at Brain Child Learning Center is designed to help strengthen a student’s core English skills, raise his/her grades, and improve his/her test performances. The overall program curriculum encompasses several classes, and includes Reading and Phonics, Writing, SAT Verbal, and SAT Writing. Classes are held once a week for 50 minutes. Young students in kindergarten and preschool are best suited for reading and phonics to build a basic foundation for their communication skills. Writing classes are generally offered for students’ third grade and above. Students younger than this usually don’t have enough vocabulary to write the basic essays required in writing classes, though classes in sentence structure and paragraph building are offered to children who have learned to read and write. Writing classes focus on all types and forms of writing, as well as grammar topics.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s education look for the best tutors. We encourage you to schedule a placement test at one of our three locations to test your child’s ability level for initial acceptance into the program. Brain Child Learning Center employs some of the most effective Writing tutors Seattle has to offer.

Brain Child’s primary mission is to enable students to gain a high degree of English proficiency for professional, academic and other purposes. We accomplish this by providing a supportive and challenging instructional environment where kids will gain the skills needed to excel in a competitive academic environment. Our faculty is highly educated and experienced with programs designed by our school. Our programs help prepare students to pursue professional development opportunities.

Contact the Brain Child Learning Center to schedule a placement test at one of our school locations to find class times at their ability level. Also, feel free to inquire about the effectiveness of our tutoring. Seattle, along with Bellevue and Issaquah, are three of our convenient school locations where Writing is taught.

Tuition Rates at the Brain Child Learning Center

11 Weeks
(Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter)
10 Weeks
(Summer Quarter)
5 Weeks
(Summer A or B)