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How Does Mental Calculation Benefit a Person?

There are numerous reasons why being able to perform mental calculations can benefit a child. Among the many important reasons, one of the most beneficial is that mental calculations is an excellent method of stimulating a child’s mind. In addition to stimulating the mind, a person adopts a better sense of how numbers interact and are used. Math builds upon itself, every stage prepares a student for the next stage.
Being able to grasp the concept and importance of numbers at an early age will benefit a person at each stage of life. Not being able to add or subtract without the aid of a calculator can also reflect poorly on a person. Society is constructed in such a way that intelligent people, even those who are perceived as smart, have a greater range of available opportunities in life. These opportunities range from attending specific colleges to careers, higher self-esteem, and happier social lives. These are real-world outcomes.

Early Learners English Program

Program curriculum for the Early Learners English program is designed to increase a student’s nonverbal and quantitative performance in cognition and intelligence assessments. Classes are held once a week and are 80 minutes. Our students can expect the class to move at twice the pace of a normal classroom. Previously learned skills are reviewed, and new concepts are introduced. This class is geared toward elementary through high school students, and is offered to students based on their skill level. Schedule a placement test at one of our three locations and select the best class times for your child’s ability level.

What Students Can Expect from the Program?

Our students can expect to graduate with a heightened sense of confidence knowing their English skills have improved in Early Learners English, which focuses on reading comprehension, vocabulary building and basic grammar skills. Each class features a weekly vocabulary test covering the content from the previous week’s class. Teachers also instruct and introduce new grammar concepts and vocabulary in each week’s curriculum. Students can expect to further develop their core English skills and continue to raise their grades and test performance.

We encourage students, looking to find effective English tutoring in Seattle, to schedule a placement test at one of our school locations to find available class times at their ability level.

Tuition Rates at Brain Child Learning Center

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