At Brain Child Learning Center, we strongly believe that students have a better chance of realizing their full potential for achieving when they are properly stimulated and challenged. Our Intensive Math Program provides the perfect opportunity for students looking for a Seattle tutor to brush up on old skills or learn new ones that will help strengthen their performance in school. Brain Child students are also highly motivated to engage in more demanding coursework than their present school may offer. We offer the perfect curriculum and environment for SAT preparation.

Classes include, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, SAT Math, and Calculus. These programs are geared toward students who are in middle school through high school. We encourage students to schedule a placement test at one of our school locations to find the best classes and times for their ability level. We employ some of the best math tutors Seattle has to offer.

The Importance of Intensive Math in College Admissions

The ability to perform math calculations will be required in many college courses, such as, business and science classes. These courses prepare students to think analytically and to focus on providing solutions.

Many of today’s most rewarding careers require a strong math background. Classes like Trigonometry and Calculus may be difficult or challenging, but they can open the door to numerous, exciting future career opportunities. Capturing math at the college level can be a challenge for many. It is easier to get immersed, early on, into a program that prepares a student for what is ahead in college.

Intensive Math, studies have shown, can make students smarter as a result of intense studying. Learning to focus on problems and to think critically is vitally important for any career. Math is a universal language. To become fluent, one must start at an early age. The reality is that students in many nations understand the importance of math and take programs, at an early age, to master it.

When taking into consideration how the world has become a global marketplace, competition for choice careers will become much keener. Taking advanced math can help students apply to, and receive admission into the right college. Of course, the right college is relevant to a student’s pursuit of success. Many students, having been admitted to college, must take remedial math courses just to catch up. That can be a heavy challenge that drains time, money, and energy from completing your degree.

A number of Brain Child Learning Center Alumni have been accepted at prestigious schools like Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, U Penn, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. Other students get accepted at many other fine colleges and universities across the nation. No matter what college students choose to apply to, a strong aptitude for intensive math will go a long way in helping their academic aspirations.

Mathematical capabilities are a core determinant of productivity in the world. Graduates who have majored in science, math, the physical sciences and engineering can earn up to 20 percent more income than those specializing in other fields. A high SAT score can be a determinant of future, higher income.

Contact our school today and find out how a Seattle tutor can help prepare your children for future success. Many parents and students have elevated their math skills with the help of our math tutors. Seattle is one of three locations where students can benefit from services offered at the Brain Child Learning Center.